Pressure-Coating Unit EM 20

Pressure-Coating Device EM 20

On the wire surface adhering permanent solid lubricant-films on the basis of powdery lubricants enable, compared with the conventional lubrication technique, a more stable and higher pressure in the die and a more reliable separation coat between the wire and the die. This results in a higher quality of the wire.

The pressure-coating unit EM 20 minimizes the expenditure for the production of a solid lubricant-film on the surface of the wire. At the same time the pressure-coating unit EM 20 creates optimal conditions for the drawing as well for the process-engineering as for the drawing-aggregate.

With the new developed process of pressure-coating for the combined drawing and coating of wires, the wire will be continuously and reproducible under utilisation of the frictional heat defined and coated.

The new technique bases on the properties of the main components of the dry lubricants, the alkali-salts of supermolecular fatty acids. These substances are nearby uncompressible and can under effect of pressure and temperature be regarded as liquids.

The lubricant-coats produced with the pressure-coating can be realized as thick and adhesive strong as pressure and temperature-stabile that they are sufficient for 4 to 6 drafts and more.

Technical details:

Diameter of the running-in wire0.5 mm to 12 mm (varying diameters can be arranged)
Drawing and coating speed in EM 20realised until now 4.3 m/sec of  incoming wire
Diewater-cooled, directly thermostated
Sealing systemwater-cooled, directly thermostated
Pressure for the coatinginfinitely variable
Cooling waterconnecting pressure 3 bar

The pressure-coating unit consists of 3 parts:

  1. Pressure-coating unit EM 20 inclusive pressure generating aggregate
  2. Control panel (Touch screen)
  3. Adapter for the adjustment to the drawing-machine