Profilometer and Data Analysis Equipment EM 10

profilometer EM 10

The profilometer and data analysis equipment EM 10 from ECOFORM provides a simple, quick and high precision assessment of any drawing die geometry.

The EM 10 features reliability and speed in generating measurements. The measurement speed allows you to check every die before being put into production eliminating problems before they occur. Data analysis is quick and informative to production, not just in the die shop.

The profilometer concept is based on comprehensive theoretical work, with years of intense research. It has been proven by a good number of professionals.

The EM 10 measures the average and local approach angle, cylindrical bearing length, and diameter of the die. The stylus diameter can be adjusted in the software to compensate for wear and a real time graphical plot of the die is displayed on the computer screen during measuring.

A parameter can be set by the operator to determine bearing length. The on-line or print out can show the incoming wire diameter to illustrate the cold reduction zone.

Mechanical parts:

  • housing
  • die support
  • profilometer needle (stylus)
  • needle support
  • horizontal stylus motion
  • vertical stylus motion
Electrical parts:

  • motor z-direction
  • motor y-direction
  • motor controller
  • illumination of the operation area
Measuring System:

  • measuring system x - direction (horizontal)
  • measuring system y - direction (vertical)

  • personal computer
  • monitor 15
  • printer

  • measurment contro software
  • data analysis software

  1. illumination
  2. stylus
  3. stylus holder
  4. sensoring arm
  5. stand-by display of upper/lower limit switch
  6. tension fork
  7. base plane (polished steel)
  8. centering lever
  9. height adjustment of the tension fork
  10. spirit-level
  11. button "upward"
  12. button "enter"
  13. button "downward"
  14. adjustable foot
  15. housing
drawing EM10

Description of measurement process and data evaluation

The die is mounted on the working table and is centred using a conical tip. It is then locked into place. The the profilometer needle scans across both sides of the die. During scan the die profile data will be automatically recorded and the profile will be on-line displayed on the computer screen on-line.

The data analysis software permits the user to instantaneously obtain quantitative evaluations of the die and to display them on the screen and. A hardcopy can also be printed if required.

The entire measurement and evaluation process lasts approximately 1 minute.

Technical data:

Die diameterfrom 0.5 mm to 28 mm
Die casing diameterfrom 20 mm to 80 mm
Die casing heightfrom 10 mm to 60 mm
Maximum measurable lengthmax. 60 mm
Power supply220 V AC, 50 Hz
SizeHeight 520 mm
Width 260 mm
Length 495 mm
Weightapprox. 65 kg